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What is Eemas?

It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

In Ilocano, a dialect of Northern Philippines, “Naimas,” is the perfect word to describe tasty, yummy, and delicious food. And like all words, people have shortened the expression simply to “Imas” pronounced, EEMAS!

Eemas Eats is a food stand that delivers popular Hawaiian fare utilizing local and sustainable ingredients. Our owner and food creator, Chef Flo, decided to establish EE to feature one of the cuisines that he fell in love with during his time and work experience in Las Vegas, Southern California, and Hawaii. EC takes the best and favorite foods of Hawaii, incorporates some fresh ingredients only found in the tristate area, and applies a culinary twist before introducing it to your palate. Eemas Eats's mission is to immerse you in the Aloha spirit with every delicious bite.

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"An ingredient highlighted by the season and location simply combined with the right amount of spice, heat, and salinity…that’s what ‘delicious food’ is to me" - Chef Flo

Our Food

What do we offer?


  1. Spam Musubi

    $ 0.00

    Spam w/ Teriyaki Sauce

  2. Linguiça Musubi

    $ 0.00

    Portuguese Sausage w/ Banana Ketchup

  3. Chicken Katsu Musubi

    $ 0.00

    Panko-Crusted Chicken Breast w/ Homemade Sweet & Tangy Katsu Sauce

  4. Tempeh Katsu Musubi (Vegetarian)

    $ 0.00

    Panko-Crusted Tempeh w/ Sweet Ginger-Garlic Ponzu

  5. Loco Moco Musubi

    $ 0.00

    Beef or Veggie Burger w/ Beef & Mushroom Gravy and Fried Egg

  6. BBQ Chicken Musubi


    Grilled BBQ Chicken Thigh w/ Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

  7. BBQ Tempeh Musubi


    Grilled BBQ Tempeh w/ Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

Hawaiian Lunch Plates

  1. Chicken Katsu


    Panko-crusted Chicken Breast served w/ our Homemade Sweet & Tangy Katsu Sauce

  2. Tempeh Katsu (vegetarian)


    Panko-crusted Tempeh served w/ our Homemade Sweetn & Tangy Katsu Sauce

  3. BBQ Chicken


    Chicken Thighs marinated in our Pineapple Brine, Grilled, & Glazed w/ our homemade Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

  4. BBQ Tempeh (vegan)


    Tempeh marinated in our Sweet Ginger-Garlic Ponzu, Grilled, & Glazed w/ our homemade Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

  5. EC Pork


    Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder w/ Coconut Milk, Taro Leaves & Roasted Garlic

  6. Garlic Beef Burger


    100% Lean Ground Sirloin, Roasted Garlic, & Secret Spices

Specials & Desserts

  1. Spam Fries


    Julienned Spam Fried Crisp topped w/ Spicy Mayo & @GreenTopFarms’ Microgreens

  2. Chicken Katsu Fries


    Julienned Chicken Katsu Fried Crisp topped w/ Spicy Mayo & @GreenTopFarms’ Microgreens

  3. Tempeh Katsu Fries


    Julienned Tempeh Katsu Fried Crisp topped w/ Spicy Mayo & @GreenTopFarms’ Microgreens

  4. Loco Moco Style (vegetarian topping)


    Top your order w/ Mushroom Gravy & an Over-Easy Egg

  5. Loco Style (topping)


    Top your order w/ an Over-Easy Egg

  6. EC Malasadas


    Deep-Fried Portuguese-Style doughnut coated w/ Natural-Flavored Sugar

  7. EC Shave Ice


    Hawaiian-style shaved ice topped w/ Natural Flavored Syrups, Fresh Fruit, & Sweetened Condensed Milk (and sometimes over ice cream)

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