Our Story

Our Story

In Ilocano, a dialect of the Northern Philippines, “Naimas,” is the perfect word to describe tasty, yummy, and delicious food. And like all words, people have shortened the expression simply to  “Imas” pronounced, EEMAS!

Eemas Cuisine is a food stand that delivers popular Hawaiian fare utilizing local and sustainable ingredients. Our owner and food creator, Florvil King Valdez, better known as Chef Flo, decided to establish EC to feature one of the cuisines that he fell in love with during his time and work experience in Las Vegas, Southern California, and Hawaii. EC takes the best and favorite foods of Hawaii, incorporates some fresh and local ingredients, and applies his culinary twist before introducing it to your palate. Eemas Cuisine’s mission is to immerse you in the Aloha spirit with every delicious bite.

Chef Flo was born in the Philippines and grew up in an Ilocano-speaking home in Jersey City, NJ. He immigrated to the United States as a young boy and first learned how to cook from his parents. Growing up he traveled up and down the East Coast and tried out many dishes along the way. To this day, he enjoys discovering new foods both locally and internationally to bring more awareness to what the culinary world is serving. As the owner and chef of Serve M.E. Now, a personal catering company, he combines his knowledge of service and event planning with his well-versed palate to the forefront of the food stand.

As most great chefs and creators can tell you, one cannot build awesomeness alone. Chef Flo has brought on his longtime friend and Johnson & Wales University colleague, Paula Ignacio, to perfect Eemas Cuisine’s menu. As a Filipino & Garden State native, Chef Paula is excited to join the Eemas Cuisine family and share her love of delicious food. With over 20 years of combined food service experience, these two chefs will speak loudly through their food. Chef Flo exclaims, “Food is not only about the ingredients. Amazing, incredible, and don’t forget, EEMAS food is also about where ingredients come!” Take that belief and combine it with the passion and love that these chefs bring to the kitchen and you’ll definitely taste what Eemas Cuisine means to them in one masterful bite.

You’ll be able to find our food stand at your local street or food festival in the tri-state area. If you have any suggestions on where we should pop-up next or for more information, contact us at info@eemaseats.com.